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Online clinic on skin conditions - Sept 2018

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Eczema & Dry Skin

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Eczema migrating on my body

Postby Brigitta on Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:54 pm

I would like to have a better understanding of the migrating nature of the eczema. I am suffering from a very bad case of eczema, but while during my childhood it was only on my arms, by the end of my teenage years it migrated to more visible places, like my face, neck, shoulders and hands. It is obviously very emberrassing, as I cannot hide these parts of my body.
However the last few years it has become even worse. Instead of simply migrating, it started to spread almost all over my body. Parts, that were always having nice, soft, eczema-free skin are now having little spots of eczema, and my whole legs are now covered with itchy dry skin, and I’m having scratches all over my body. Is there a way to prevent the spreading? What is causing it exactly?
The other thing I would like to understand, is why hormonal changes make it so awful and unbeatable? When i’m on my period, it is absolutely out of control, and even strong medications are not giving me any relief. Are there hormones that i can take in order to stop the “hormonal eczema”?
Thank you a lot in advance!
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Re: Eczema migrating on my body

Postby Julie Van Onselen on Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:31 pm

Dear Brigitta
I am sorry to hear your eczema is spreading o other parts of your body. Eczema can change in nature at different stages of life, it sounds like your eczema is flaring, which may be due to different triggers or requiring the right treatment to control the flare.Some people also report 'hormonal changes' are a trigger too.
I suggest you see your GP for an eczema review and for the correct treatment to try and control your eczema flare. If the treatment prescribed by your GP does not control your eczema, you may need to be referred to a dermatologist.
For more advice on eczema and treatment, you could visit the National Eczema Society website or call their helpline.
I hope this helps and your eczema improves soon.
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