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by Anthony_M_01 on Tue Sep 25, 2018 11:17 am


About 3 years ago now, I noticed a sudden onset of these tiny red dots on one of my buttocks.
It kind of looked like a rash or carpet burn across all the skin folicles and I'd been on one of those giant wooden kids slides where you sit on an old rough carpet / doormat the weekend before so I assumed it was just some kind of friction rash from that.

However a few weeks passed and it didn't go away. I went to a GP and he suggested it was just dry skin and to apply HC45. I did this for a while but again no improvement.

I'd done a bit of research myself at this point and had found petechiae online which looked kind of similar, and as it was showing no signs of clearing up I asked to be referred to a skin specialist.

He did some blood tests and took a biopsy of one of bigger dots and everything came back all clear and his diagnosis was that "it was just one of those things!"

I don't really buy into that and think there's got to be cause at the root of everything.

He suggested they were probably petechiae and nothing to worry about and it was just aesthetic!

I wasn't particularly impressed so continued to research it and have tried various creams, potions and vitamin supplements. The dots kind of come and go but stay in the same general area across my left buttock. (At the onset there was actually one patch at the top of my outer thigh but this completely cleared up after a couple of weeks.)

I've tried exfoliating but if I scratch them they bleed. Thats kind of what it looks like I guess, as if someone has exfoliated too vigorously.

They don't bother me really and I guess they are just aesthetic. A pain in the bum!
Added a photo. Wasn't an easy one to take so it's a bit blurry!

It'd be great to know if anyone has had anything similar and are there any tricks I could use to help clear them up?
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Dr Sharon Wong
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by Dr Sharon Wong on Thu Oct 04, 2018 11:10 am

Re: Petechiae?

Thank you for your information and query. If you are still getting these lesions I would suggest requesting a further biopsy. From the photo it is difficult to be 100% certain but some of the lesions look a little like angiokeratomas/angiomas which are harmless but are nevertheless not the same as petechiae. Angiokeratomas/angiomas can often come sporadically but in very rare instances they may be related to an underlying genetic risk so best to get a re-referral back to your dermatologist.
Dr Sharon Wong
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