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No diagnostic, but symptomatic for 5 years

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 2:52 pm
by alinaro

I am 48 years old.
In August 2014 I had the first symptoms that neither GP or ObGyn can put a diagnostic. Twice a month (around period and 2 weeks after) I have for a few hours these symptoms: itchy palms, scalp, armpits; vomiting; painful lower abdomen; labour like pain; urticaria. I was advise to take anti-histamine for pruritus and codeine and paracetamol for pain.
I start taking a herbal remedy (Evecare made by Himalaya) at the recommendation of a ObGyn from Romania (as I had these symptoms while on holiday). They help , but I put on weight over 10 kg in the last 3 years and I cannot loose this extra weight. If I stop this remedy, the symptoms come back.
I had 2 rounds of IVF in 2010-2011.
Is there a name for this? What treatment would be available?
Thank you

Re: No diagnostic, but symptomatic for 5 years

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2019 5:23 pm
by Mr Peter Greenhouse
Hi - it's obvious from the precise timing of your symptoms that they are related to & caused by the hormonal changes of your menstrual cycle, most probably by falling levels of estrogen immediately after ovulation & just before your period bleeding. Any physical or mental symptom with a repeating cyclical timing must have a hormonal cause - so the solution is likely to be hormonal.
Thanks to this, you can at least be sure that your herbal remedy is having no effect whatsoever (other than placebo). If you think the herbal treatment is contributing to your weight gain, then you can safely stop it without any ill effects.
It's probably not much consolation to know that these timed multiple symptoms should cease at menopause - they are features of the perimenopause, for which there are several well defined treatments, the best of which seek to suppress cyclical variation. It depends how seriously you're affected by these symptoms as to whether you need treatment: If you do, then transdermal estrogen (via gel or patch) with a hormone-releasing coil will probably be the best available treatment - by starting HRT early, you will be able to "surf seamlessly" through the menopausal transition without suffering these symptoms, or additional hot flashes / night sweats / insomnia etc. See ... se-124654/