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Borderline changes in smear test

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 10:48 am
by Guest Posts
I recently had a smear test and received a letter that said:

"The lab found some slightly abnormal cells called borderline changes in your sample. This result does not mean you have cancer. These slightly abnormal cells are sometimes caused by a virus called HPV. The lab also tested your sample for HPV and found that you do not have an HPV infection."

They then say that because there's no HPV infection the risk of cervical cancer is very low at this time and therefore you don't need to be tested until the next routine one.

Is it safe to wait and do I need to worry? Thanks Pamela

Re: Borderline changes in smear test

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 5:34 pm
by Debby Holloway
yes , as there was no HPV the guidelines are to wait for the next screening so it is safe to wait
Kind Regards
Debby Holloway