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Postby ActionAgainstAllergy on Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:57 pm

Not so long ago, if you asked your doctor about some mysterious and persistent aches and pains or unexplained sickness or skin rashes, just about every GP would tell you “It’s all in the mind”. Mention allergy and you would be laughed at. Overall, things are hugely better now, but we still hear far too often about the scant sympathy and lack of helpfulness from doctors who should know better. Especially towards the elderly. Perhaps they really do think we are making it up, or making a fuss about nothing.

What’s YOUR experience with your GP? At Action Against Allergy we are committed to finding practical ways of helping those of older years who may have no idea where else to turn for help. First off, though, we need to know just what kind of help you need, or would like.
Please tell us.
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Postby saleem000 on Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:19 pm

Maybe you are on the wrong doctor. You need to consult an allergy specialist who can tell you the reason properly and not make fun of your conditions. Allergies are sometimes minor but sometimes allergy leading to a chronic disease. You can get a second opinion online for a portal name Marham.pk.

Actually, I used this portal it is good. :) They will provide you with the right doctor. You can try if you want. I used it couples of times. :)

Hope you will be fine soon. :)

Thank You.
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