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New baby and lack of energy

Posted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 11:48 am
by Lucy11
I had my first baby 4 months ago and not surprisingly I am feeling very sleep deprived. This has a knock on to my energy levels and by mid afternoon I'm struggling to do anything. My husband is very good and does a lot to help when he's around. When my energy levels are low I just don't feel like doing anything. Do you have any suggestions that might help?

Re: New baby and lack of energy

Posted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 3:03 pm
by Simone Gilbert
Hi Lucy. Congratulations on the birth of your bub. It’s such an exciting time! Yet I remember it being a little overwhelming too! Oh for that manual these bubs don’t come with ‼!
Those days and months after we bring our baby home can be very tiring indeed! Lack of sleep certainly impinges on energy levels and can flow into all areas of our life. So firstly, it’s all normal! That said, there are a few things that you can do to support your energy levels. The following will hopefully provide you with a few specific things to focus on..
1/ Sleep - when you can – I was told “sleep when your baby sleeps”… but then my baby decided not to do much of that either‼ Even so, rest whenever you can. Give yourself permission…
2/ Hydration – whenever you wake, make a promise to yourself to have a glass of water. Just tepid filtered water and even better with some fresh lemon juice. Then sip throughout your day leaving a window of half an hour before and ¾ hr after each meal to optimise digestion. Elevating hydration is a very easy way of elevating energy!
3/ You matter - take time out just for you. Self care is not indulgent. It’s necessary to be your best. It can be little things, like enjoying a cuppa in a quiet corner of the house or garden, grabbing some sunshine, going for a walk, doing a few stretches or some gentle yoga, even enjoying a bath with some magnesium flakes and lavender. It’s a form of rest. And you deserve some tending too! You’re doing great!
4/ Nutrition - To optimise the energy your body has to draw from your nutrition, focus on meals of vegetables, fruit, some protein, seeds and nuts. With a “prep chop” once or twice a week, you can peel, chop and store a selection of vegetables ready for an easy meal-prep. Think stir fries, salads, stews, slow cooking etc. (And if any friend offers to cook, accept!) Whilst you’re feeling so tired it’s very easy to turn to sugary items and carbs for quick pick me ups. My clients get the very best results at these times by avoiding processed foods and sugars and replacing quick fixes with things like smoothies of veg and fruit, fruit & nut butters, even a square or two of dark chocolate can lift energy and give you an endorphin mood-boost.
5/ Exercise – whilst it feels like it’s even more of a struggle when you’re so very tired, regular, gentle exercise actually helps with energy levels. It’s worth finding a 20 minute yoga session online, going for a walk – especially in the sun – or whatever it is that you enjoy and makes you feel good in terms of movement and exercise. If possible make this a part of a morning routine.. you will feel better. You can also integrate your bub into your exercise routine – I remember mine loved it. I did push ups and kissed her little button nose with every dip, lifted her over my head to strengthen my arms, did squats holding her and sit ups with her on my knee. Start slow and make it fun. You forget you’re “exercising”… Morning movement will help with sustained energy levels.
Most of all Lucy, be kind with and to you. These are most precious of times and they go so very fast‼! Enjoy and remember you are doing great‼!
I hope this has helped and please do send any further questions.
Simone x
Health & Vitality Coach ... ne-gilbert

Re: New baby and lack of energy

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 12:01 pm
by Lauratu Osu
Congratulations Lucy! It is such a blessing to be able to be a part of something so miraculous as the creation of life.

I thought I would just add on that it is important to remember that your body is now in the process of healing and creating nutritious food for your little one. The suggestion that has been presented by Simone play a part in both processes which in turn boosts your energy.

I would also like to share with you something my midwife shared with me after my first child - Taking your baby out for walks a few minutes before feeding time can help with lengthening feeding intervals and help the mother with implementing exercise into the daily routine.

Congratulations again.

Warm regards,