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Severe IBS and stress about accidents happening

Postby Guest Posts on Mon Sep 02, 2019 1:40 pm

Hi I have severe IBS and when I am out and about I always stress about accidents happening as it's happened before and left me in a very bad situation as well as embarrassing. What strategies do others use if any please.
Thanks Julie
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Re: Severe IBS and stress about accidents happening

Postby Polly Weston on Thu Sep 05, 2019 4:25 pm

Hi Julie

Thank you for raising the issue of IBS which can be unpredictable and if it results in ABL, must be very distressing.
It’s always best to start with lifestyle advise ensuring good hydration and having an understanding of any foods to avoid that might trigger IBS.
Doing pelvic floor muscle exercises will ensure a good rectal muscle tone. Your local NHS bladder and bowel service will be able to assess your pelvic floor muscle and support you with specific exercises to improve rectal muscle tone. You can find this service via your GP or NHS choices.
You might find benefit from considering the renew insert to prevent ABL. This insert is easy to use and comfortable. It comes in 2 sizes so patients usually have a starter pack at 1st to ascertain which size suits them best. I have found that patients report that the renew insert gives them the peace of mind that they will prevent ABL which might reduce your stress. This is a prescription item so I advise can discuss with your GP.

Best wishes
Polly Weston
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Re: Severe IBS and stress about accidents happening

Postby Sharon Holroyd on Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:59 am

stress or anxiety is always a difficult element to control / treat, stress makes bowel issues worse, bowel issues cause stress!! lifestyle changes, identifying triggers and restricting orremoving them, bowel retraining, trying various ways to reduce any stress can all be useful in managing severe IBS, but one treatment or approach does not suit all unfortunately. anal plugs/ inserts can help to improve confidence when out and about, which will inturn help to manage stress and anxiety. bowel retraining including sphincter and pelvic muscle exercises are also beneficial
Sharon Holroyd
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