Psoriasis or something else?

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by mattbucks on Sat Apr 01, 2023 12:29 am

Psoriasis or something else?

New member and first post here....

I am 47 year old male.

I have for a few years now, suffered from a variety of skin conditions and these started around 2014 I think.

It started with the onset of dandruff, accompanied by yellowish, greasy clumps in my hair. It was so bad at point, I stopped wearing dark clothes altogether as I looked like I was in a snow globe. It also itched badly though not constantly. The last time I had dandruff was when I was about 15 for a few weeks. Never since.
I then noticed that the inside of my ears was flaking slightly - again this was minimal but something I had never seen before.
I then noticed I was itching in my buttocks a lot and noticed that an oval-shaped patch of red, itchy as hell, and hard skin had developed between the top of my buttocks. This itches so badly at times it bleeds as I have to scratch it raw. Also if I don't keep it washed and moisturised it goes as hard as sandpaper.
I have also developed on one elbow a few patches of hard white skin - doesn't itch but I am very conscious of it, and also a large two-centimetre patch of again very hard white/yellow skin on the inside of my thigh. I also developed fungal nail in the thumb of my left hand - I have never had this before in my life. Save for the head and buttocks, all other skin issues are on my left-hand side. They increasingly getting me down - nothing I have tried works and the dermatologist I saw from my GP never does anything except prescribe more creams and lotions which have little to no effect.
I don't know if it's all the same thing - psoriasis? I have never suffered from any skin problems like this before in my life and I am very down at the thought I will never get rid of them. I feel ugly and that others will think I am disgusting - but at the minute I haven't even got a clue what they are. Are we allowed to post pictures here? Maybe someone else has the same thing I have and can shed some light on what I am suffering with?

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by talkhealth on Mon Apr 03, 2023 9:20 am

Re: Psoriasis or something else?

This is a great place to discuss symptoms and there is a good chance that someone else has been dealing with exactly the same things you have. Pictures are fine yes but please make sure they are appropriate for a public forum. We always recommend seeking professional medical advice and it is definitely worth persisting with as it can be a matter of trial and error with skin complaints to find what suits you best.
There are a couple of links for other useful information.
This one has links to expert clinics, forums where you can speak to other people and also links to charities that you can go to for support:
Also the NHS website may be of some use:

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