Going round in circles

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Going round in circles

I have a 10 year old daughter that suffers recurrent urine infections,suffers with right kidney pain alot, has also had Pyelonphritis,this has been going on for several years, she has had kidney scans and lots of bloods done nothing has shown up, she is on a low dose antibiotic all the time and still suffers, when she gets symptoms of pain vomiting and strong urine smell I take her to gp who dips urine and it nearly always shows blood and protein, sometimes leucocytes and nitrates she will then get treated on a course of antibiotics the urine is sent off to lab alot of the time comes back as mixed growth so her consultant says not having many proven UTIs but my gp says thinks it UTI doesn't show up the same as already on low dose antibiotics, I feel we are going round in circles and worried something may be missed, she has also been tested for stones as sometimes gets excruciating pain nothing was found.
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Re: Going round in circles

Sorry to hear of your problems
I would suggest an MRI scan if only ultrasound used so far as the problem is on going and a detailed scan might show something
A micturating cystogram or indirect one via a MAG3 venogram to look for reflux could be useful
The urine can be cultured to a lower level to try and find the exact organism ie they usually only look for bugs down to 10 to the power of 5 per high powered microscope field but you can request the lab to look for a lower level - this could be useful
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