The time to sleep

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by denissebeines on Mon Jan 20, 2020 11:08 am

The time to sleep

Sometimes i'm in the sofa watching tv and i'm falling asleep at around 7 pm, but it's too early, so when i try to skip that moment, then i can not sleep til 3 am. Shall i sleep at 7 pm when my body is asking me to? How can i fix that so i can sleep in normal hours? Thanks!

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by lisaartis on Fri Jan 24, 2020 12:00 pm

Re: The time to sleep


Thanks for your message.

What you don't say is how long you generally sleep for, what time you need to be up in the morning and what else you're doing through the day...

If 7pm is your weak point, could you try to do something else at this time? A walk, an exercise class, go see a friend? Something that takes your mind off feeling sleepy. See if that works in being able to go to bed at a reasonable time. Our 'sleep need' starts to increase early evening as does our 'sleep urge' but it feels like your is starting earlier than it should.

Most people on average need around 7-8 hours of sleep a night but some need slightly more, some slightly less. What you need to do is work back from the time you need to get up. If you need to wake up by 7am then count back 7.5 hours to find that bedtime is around 11.30pm. Make sure you’re in bed before then so you’re relaxed ready for sleep and allow yourself 15 minutes to drop off. You can use the sleep calculator to find the ideal bedtime for you
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