SIBO and allergies

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Lara J C
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by Lara J C on Tue Feb 04, 2020 1:25 pm

SIBO and allergies

Diagnosed with SIBO, and also IgA gliadin (gluten, oats) and IgG including rice, olive, sunflower.

Q1. I avoid these foods, but for the occasions when I cant, which is worst to eat: the gluten/oats or IgG (that gluten free labelled foods often contain)?

Q2. With SIBO worsening, my itching has increased to all foods. Will this itching get better naturally, once Sibo resolved? The food reactions also affect my thyroid.

Q3. On NHS specialist treatment, will antibiotics, e.g. Rifaximine, be covered on prescription? Or will I have to pay for private prescription? It's used only off licence for sibo via NHS specialist.

Q4. I've been on a restricted low FODMAP diet with sibo symptoms. How can I best put some weight back on whilst waiting for treatment to work? I'm particularly itchy with potato, rice, sugar, chocolate, corn, coconut.

Thank you for guidance.

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Lauratu Osu
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by Lauratu Osu on Mon Feb 10, 2020 11:36 pm

Re: SIBO and allergies

Hello Lara,
Thank you for reaching out to us.
You have put forward some interesting questions which I will do my best to answer.

It is my understanding that IgG and IgA tests highlight food sensitivities but which is the lesser evil will depend on the level of sensitivity you have towards them. But if your reaction to these foods are affecting your thyroid, then it would be advisable to totally avoid eating these foods.

Regarding your SIBO, following the treatment plan and meal plan provided by your doctor should help you see a relief in your SIBO related symptoms. The pace at which a body responds to the treatment is unique to each individual so to answer your question about putting on weight, it is important that you remain patient with your body as it goes through the healing process. The focus should be on eating healthy, by finding recipes that you enjoy and include foods that you do not react to, and ensuring that you are drinking enough water. Have you tried quinoa and millet as a substitute for rice or turnips, jerusalem artichokes cauliflower and carrots as a substitute for potatoes?

Information on the NHS specialist treatments and prescriptions is something we can provide information on. However, your NHS specialist or your GP should be able to provide you with answers.

Warm regards,
Lauratu Osu
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