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by Guest Posts on Tue Apr 14, 2020 2:38 pm


Hi I have a rather embarrassing problem, when having to go for a bowel movement I have to push it out manually from the vagina, it actually bulges into the vagina and has to be pushed back.
Sometimes 1-2 times a day or other time I can’t go for a few days.
There is always blood when making a bowel movement sometimes it just drips out into the toilet and turns it bright red.

What can be done for me?
I’ve used all sorts of laxatives etc and done everything the gp advised with my diet but although it’s softer it still protruding and needs manually pushing out.

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by Dr Jamal Hayat on Thu Apr 16, 2020 12:06 am

Re: Constipation

Dear Michelle,

I think you need to be seen in secondary care to be assessed in more detail.. In view of the persistent rectal bleeding -you should have a camera test called a flexible sigmoidoscopy. This is a very quick test which takes about ten minutes to examine the left side of the bowel to check for the cause of the bleeding.
You may have something called a rectocele which is caused by a weakening of muscles and structures in the pelvic floor. This causes the rectum to bulge forwards into the vagina. Initial treatment is to strengthen the pelvic floor with exercises +/- physiotherapy, increasing your fibre intake, and avoiding straining. Sometimes stool softeners can be used, an in certain circumstances - a surgical procedure can be helpful to relieve refractory symptoms.

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Jamal Hayat
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