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Lara J C
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by Lara J C on Tue Apr 21, 2020 4:44 pm



Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO):

Are all NHS gastroenterologists familiar with treating SIBO with the recommended antibiotics? I've only found a few gastroenterologists that list SIBO as a specialist interest. I know it's not a well known condition. I'm nervous to see any gastroenterologist, in case they don't know how to treat it. My previous recognised (private) test came out positive for SIBO.

I still feel itchy after eating, which is related to my SIBO / digestion, despite some improvements in my gut with antibiotics. It's not stand alone food intolerances or histamine, as it's all food, and I've tried antihistamines. Based on the assumption that it's related to my SIBO, do I just avoid the worst foods until they improve?

Thank you.

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Dr Jamal Hayat
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by Dr Jamal Hayat on Thu Apr 23, 2020 11:13 pm



Most (luminal )gastroenterologists are aware of SIBO. Treatment options and investigations do vary according to which trust you are in. My own trust generally requires a positive breath test result before proceeding to treatment with the antibiotic rifaximin for two weeks.
There is approximately a 40% chance of symptoms coming back after a course of treatment - probiotics, dietary modifications are often useful, as well as to why you may have it in the first place. eg previous bowel surgery, medication use and a suppressed immune system.
It is a controversial area -and so you will get differences of opinion amongst specialists, so the best thing discuss with someone you feel you can talk to/trust -and is interested in getting you better.
In regards to food avoidance - I think you would benefit from seeing a dietician to talk through a dietary plan with you especially if your current symptoms are due to a food intolerance rather than related to the positive breath test/SIBO.

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Jamal Hayat
Dr Jamal Hayat
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