I dread going to bed

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by Guest Posts on Wed May 27, 2020 9:31 am

I dread going to bed

Hi there,

I have suffered with chronic tinnitus for many years, it has destroyed my career as I have it 24/7, sometimes it drives me nuts, especially bad when trying to sleep, in fact I dread going to bed as I know I will be tossing and turning all night.
The doctor put me on 10 mg of Amitriptyline a day which I take before going to bed, supposedly it is suppose to help me relax, I have been on that medication for 4 or 5 years now.
I manage to run my own gardening business and I do some decorating as I can only do a certain amount of work before I feel tired, I try to smile and get on with life but just wish I could be free of this horrible illness.
It is like a life sentence of annoyance and torture.
Have tried many different things to help with sleep but none work.

Thank you, Chris
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by lisaartis on Thu May 28, 2020 4:32 pm

Re: I dread going to bed

Hi Chris
I am sorry to hear this.

I would suggest you go back to your GP and inform them the medication is no longer working. They may be able to suggest alternatives. From what you say, there's probably a lot of anxiety going on at bedtime with the tinnitus and unable to sleep.

On top of that, you could seek further support from the British Tinnitus Association https://www.tinnitus.org.uk/all-about-tinnitus

I would continue to put other strategies in place like a consistent bedtime schedule, keeping the bedroom environment cool, dark and quiet - and using it only for sleeping and intimacy, making sure you're sleeping on a comfortable bed, avoiding alcohol and caffeine in an evening, try to keep active, avoid clock watching throughout the night and making sure you expose yourself to natural light first thing in the morning - these can all strengthen the body clock.
Lisa Artis
Head of The Sleep Council

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by Smileychris on Fri May 29, 2020 4:25 pm

Re: I dread going to bed

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for your reply, I have tried so many things over the years, nothing works, my doctor has said their is no treatment and I probably have chronic tinnitus, I enjoy life the best I can, just wish I could get help with it, nobody understands the angst this causes me, I have even been called lazy but I am not, I have had some good jobs in the past working in office jobs and have done well but in the end the tinnitus wears me down and I end up not being able to fulfill the time needed to do my job, I am intelligent but am down to doing gardening work and some decorating on a wage which just gets me by, thanks again for your reply, I will just have to try and manage it.

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