The most effective acne removing skill

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by acne77 on Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:58 pm

The most effective acne removing skill

It is not enough emphasis on how much the daily clean can help reduce the potential for bacteria in the skin surface. Gently with soft soap or cleaner cleaning skin often can greatly reduce acne problem. However, it is important to note, that wash a face alone won't prevent or treat acne removing, acne removing is due to the increase of the hormone levels of excess oil production. There is no need to "scrubbing" acne removing-actually, this can actually make problems worse a simple gently washed a couple times a day to give up any redundant leather fat in the skin surface the dead skin cells and fragments of the great influence of acne can, if a regular routine is consistent.

Natural treatment of acne removing

I mentioned the natural treatment, first, because it acne may and recent natural therapy and natural therapies, the revival of the best treatment acne removing or other skin conditions to take to the preliminary when flights. Natural therapy, almost all is safe (unless the composition of allergy and not safe mixed-see your natural therapy or dermatologist-usually no side effects. In fact, many natural therapy, a positive side effects. The following are some of the common nature acne treatment

Tea tree oil tea tree oil (also called f oil) is the most widely used skin imperfections and stimulating natural therapy one. Tea tree oil applied to the affected areas after routine cleaning of acne removing, can have a positive effect.

Licorice: licorice has long been used for digestive problems, but has found the characteristics of the anti-inflammatory effects, and liquorice extract can help remove skin inflammation of problems, such as acne removing.

Aloe: the most common medicinal plants, one of the medicinal properties of aloe vera, one of which is its use and diminish inflammation agent, in addition to help reduce skin inflammation (or other parts of the body), aloe also improve immune as's positive role.

Olive leaves, olive leaf extract already used for hundreds of years, hit many different diseases. Olive leaves have been using DuoZhong form, in order to help clean up the skin breakthrough.

Extracted lavender: lavender extract is a fight inflammation and a strong sterilization, it can kill acne removing form bacteria. Because of its anticorrosion performance test, should a small amount of skin irritation or severe dry part of the test.

Of course, natural therapy is not 100% effective, and not for everybody's work on natural products (including, containing refining natural ingredients, and ready to use retail products) of the beautiful things are, they provide a almost no side effect of the treatment. So, if you have mild, moderate acne removing, and want to know how to remove the conditions, the best advice is to establish a daily cleaning procedures, strictly follow and use mild soap. Two, to try a kind of natural ingredients or product exclusively for the treatment of acne control targeted natural ingredients, if you found these products have not help (80%), they will be so you will need to prescription drugs and other alternative.

Excessive over-the-counter and prescription

In the over-the-counter and prescription drug treatment usually focus on one or DuoGe the following goals: reduce the skin off (reduce pore jams), kill acne removing propionic acid coli bacteria, promote the anti-inflammatory effects, at last, of the manipulation of the hormone drugs and product, the key is in these aspects is one of the better, and some as separate products or stage (such as Aaron jas fu solutions).

It is the most commonly used in the treatment of acne removing topical drugs, this treatment products is the most common of the effective components is GuoYangHuaBenJiaXian, GuoYangHuaBenJiaXian is a kind of antibacterial (sterilization) antioxidant, can kill acne removing propionic acid coli bacteria, in addition, it also can be used as a cutin that this means that dissolve, can plug the pores of the extra cutin, GuoYangHuaBenJiaXian ointment, gel agent and soap, and mostly be used as a local solutions. GuoYangHuaBenJiaXian is quite mild, moderate, effective acne but could lead to increased slightly irritating skin severe dry, reading labels, and always follow the direction it is in some cases, the use of GuoYangHuaBenJiaXian after a the acne moisturizing can help keep a proper GuoYangHuaBenJiaXian have rules, it is a solution, can permeate the skin (subdermis) deeper mixed other bactericidals including dichloroisocyanuric birth and wash will calcium gluconate, although these's are not prove GuoYangHuaBenJiaXian effective moisture balance.


In the past, this is the provisions of the common antibiotics prescription and severe acne removing, now, usually only management, the reasons for this include negative effects, cannot be used for long, and natural, the harm of smaller treatment method of comparable effect, sometimes, however, is the only treatment method of antibiotics, will work.

Antibiotics can be for external use or oral intake. Common antibiotics, including doxycycline, minocycline (and was happy. The other half common antibiotics trimethoprim. As mentioned previously, antibiotics is not for everyone, severe side effects, which is why they must not be considered, the provisions of the mild acne removing. The purpose of the antibiotics is kill acne removing propionic acid coli bacteria. Bacteria can form immunity, antibiotics as time goes on, because this acne removing after treatment (sometimes appear more serious form) and the use of antibiotics is slow down, ask your doctor about the information, if they antibiotics to your right.

Hormone therapy

In talking to hormone therapy-this is for women to keep-ring c progesterone (androgen depriation) and estrogen (Diane 35) has been confirmed that help reduce acne removing inflammation, these are usually in contraceptives combine to make the pill to treat acne removing, however, that the author of the article does not suggest using contraception is the form of birth control. Taking birth control acne removing, summarized in the old axiom ", cut off your nose, but your face ", but, if you have to adopt pill, it may be beneficial talk about your doctor pill switching to a more easy to control acne emergent.

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by SecretB5StopsAcne on Thu May 03, 2012 6:17 am

Re: The most effective acne removing skill

I think this post provides relevant information to individuals who suffer from acne. It is good thing to hear another effective natural alternative against the embarrassing acne. Thanks.

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by cherylfranco on Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:06 am

Re: The most effective acne removing skill

That is really informative post, even my daughter was suffering from acne, but for her it was because of the Vitamin B5 deficiency. She used to take B5 acne supplement which helped to reduce acne and even the spots and bumps from her skin. So its better to check if you are also having any signs of Deficiency of Vitamin B5.
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by snydercharles425 on Tue Jan 28, 2014 6:00 am

Re: The most effective acne removing skill

Thanks for discussing, this is a wonderful information.Really looking forward to find out more. Really Great

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by AAseeking on Mon Mar 16, 2015 6:22 am

Re: The most effective acne removing skill

thanks for providing this article.

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by jacklinjot on Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:13 am

Re: The most effective acne removing skill

That will really help the young people. Thanks for sharing this article.

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by talkhealth on Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:51 pm

Re: The most effective acne removing skill

Great to see this post is helpful, please keep sharing tips and advice :D
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by patrickbailey on Thu May 12, 2016 6:06 am

Re: The most effective acne removing skill

Thanks for sharing the information. :)

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by Johnmathew on Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:58 am

Re: The most effective acne removing skill

Acne generally happens in the young age. There are multiple home remedies by which acne can be removed but sometimes it also needs to go for medication. Diane 35 could be a best option to make your skin free from Acne. I have read about it over a skin discussion at and I got very helpful tips
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