Controlling Head Acne.

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by Vitamax61 on Sun Mar 07, 2021 5:42 am

Controlling Head Acne.

Hello Everyone,

I've struggled with this problem for many years, tried every Rx and non Rx you can think of. Finally I found a combination of products that works for me, and gotten rid of 99% of my head acne. This is what I have been doing that is working:

First Rule: Do NOT attempt to squeeze/break any pustules, the brush will do that for you.

1. Using a stiff hair brush, brush twice a day, morning and evening your entire scalp area.
Don't shy away from the "painful" areas. Do your entire scalp for at least 50 -100 strokes.
2. Take 4 x 1000IU capsules Vitamin D every morning.
3. Drink 2 - 3, 8 oz. glasses of 2% Milk every day. And one glass before bedtime.
The milk also stops those night time bathroom trips as well. Don't ask me how,
or why, I just know that it does; at least for me, it does.

I have been following this regimen for the last 6 months and my head acne problem has disappeared.

Hopefully it can work for you as well.

Good Luck,