Unknown recurring infection/acne on nose. Help!

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by Sharky12 on Sat Apr 17, 2021 10:38 am

Unknown recurring infection/acne on nose. Help!

Hi all
This is my 1st post on here and Im just wondering if anyone can help me with an issue that has been going on for years that my gp and dermatology dept at hospital haven't managed to get to the bottom off.

Firstly, I must confess, I squeeze spots. I can't stop myself I seem to have a mix of a phobia of leaving them and an addiction to squeezing them. I don't get spots anymore as I'm in my late 30s but I do get a strange occurrence on my nose and left cheek.

This all started probably 12 - 15 yrs ago where I first notice a reddish area on my left cheek, half the size of a 5p. I pushed my fingers under the area and as I squeezed the pores in that area started to pop out a creamy white pus. This is not like the worms of sebum you can squeeze out of your pores normally this seems to come from deeper down. It's as tho its below the pore in a larger pool and when I squeeze the area it starts breaking through into the pores and coming out where it can.
This moved to my nose and although I still get it on my cheek occasionally, on my nose it's becomes quite frequent. It only happens on the bridge of my nose and on the point of my nose, never on the sides or across the middle.

The area starts to become ever so slightly redder around a lighter area (normally the area where the pus is) but this is ever so slightly and hardly noticeable. The pores get microscopically bigger and there area slightly swells. On the tip of my nose this can be as big as a 5p now and there seems to be this pool of lumpy and creamy white pus that as soon as I squeeze deep enough it will start coming out of all the pores in that area and I can chase this pool of pus around until it dissappears. I then get a red and hot nose and as soon as I get rid of the pus I get a thick mucus run into my throat for a couple of days. When the area heels some of the pores get filled with a black substance (actually a completely black "worm", like a sebum filled pore but completely black)
The tip of my nose and the bridge tend to come up together and I'm fed up of it now.
I don't know whether it's a spot, a carbuncle, a fungal infection, a sinus infection that I'm squeezing through my skin (if even possible!) or an allergy. Im lost, can any one help