Improve the sleep of a 7/8mth old baby

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by GigglesMG on Mon Jul 06, 2020 5:41 pm

Improve the sleep of a 7/8mth old baby

Our almost 8mth old is generally a good sleeper but has recently been waking up several times at night crying and not going back to sleep unless she’s comforted. Her night routine is a bottle of milk at 8.15pm, sleeping from 9pm-6.30am, she then has milk and goes back to sleep until around 8.30-9am. She naps once or twice during the day for no more than 30mins at a time.

My questions are:
1) She doesn’t need milk, a nappy change or burping when she wakes in the night. What could be causing her to wake and what should we be doing to get her back to sleep again? Should we leave her to cry it out or comfort her back to sleep?
2) She has started to turn on her tummy while sleeping and sleeps like that. Is this a risk?

Thank you in advance!

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by lisaartis on Thu Jul 09, 2020 9:06 am

Re: Improve the sleep of a 7/8mth old baby


We don't offer specific advice to children under 12 months of age so can't directly help you with your difficulties right now. There may be many reasons why your daughter is waking, could be a growth or developmental stage.

We can signpost you to some more appropriate sources of help.

It would be a good idea to check out this site BASIS this is an online information source for parents who want to make informed choices about infant sleep and night time care.

Contacting your Health Visitor is also important in order to gain support around feeding.

Wishing you well,
Lisa Artis
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