Skin reactions

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by Guest Posts on Mon Sep 07, 2020 2:18 pm

Skin reactions

Hi had skin reactions to dispose and gels. Now using same peach color soap bar. Have same brand and color for under arm. Been using low allergy things. Piriton syrup and plasters.

Now angry and red. Heat rash. Gone down a little. Used a compress to reheat. It has spread on my right side of body.

Skin is now dry. Blisters opened clear and no crust. Flakey skin coming off.

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by Dr Anton Alexandroff on Mon Sep 28, 2020 6:37 pm

Re: Skin reactions

Dear Siobhan,

I am sorry to hear about your skin problem. Try to moisturise with Balneum PLus cream and wash with Aveeno. Ask your GP or dermatologist to prescribe Eumovate or Protopic. You may need a patch test to exclude allergic contact dermatitis.

I hope this is helpful.
With Best Wishes,

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