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by talkhealth on Mon Mar 22, 2021 12:05 pm


I have always used moisturiser on my whole body but as I get older should I be using a thicker cream?
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Dr Rishika Sinha
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by Dr Rishika Sinha on Wed Mar 24, 2021 3:01 pm

Re: creams

Thank you for your question.

As our skin ages, we lose skin tone, fat distribution and elasticity. Older skin retains less water and becomes drier more easily. Our sebaceous glands also produce less sebum as we age. This can make it harder to keep the skin moist.

Thicker creams that have less water content and are higher in lipid may be better suited to older skin i.e. creams and ointments rather than lotions.

If possible, the emollients should be applied twice daily, and within minutes of bathing.

A cream containing urea may also be beneficial as there are markedly reduced amounts of urea in dry skin conditions.

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