Bleeding Fibroids

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by judynash1 on Wed Mar 17, 2021 5:43 pm

Bleeding Fibroids

Have been experiencing post-menopausal bleeding from fibroids nearly every day for the past six months. Have also been on HRT for a few years. Had a biopsy to ensure it was nothing more serious. Was recommended to have a Mirena coil for more localised progesterone to hopefully stop bleeding, but side-effects of Mirena can include bleeding for up to three months. Do I need to wait three months to know if it is working or not?

Dr Rebecca Foljambe
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by Dr Rebecca Foljambe on Thu Mar 18, 2021 7:51 pm

Re: Bleeding Fibroids

Have you got your mirena in yet Im wondering or are you asking about the 3 months so that you can have it in mind if you go with the mirena?
I am glad you have been seen in the post menopausal bleeding clinic and presumably had a scan +/- a hysteroscopy to check there were no areas of concern on your endometrium and biopsies taken accordingly.
Mirena plus an oestrogen patch or gel is absolutely perfect for you I would think and is also the lowest risk HRT when it comes to issues like slightly raised risk of breast cancer etc which Im sure will have been discussed with you. But also there is the issue that after menopause any/all fibroids should start to shrink back as they are oestrogen-hungry and menopause is an oestrogen deficient state. Your fibroids are possibly remaining large feeding on the HRT you are currently on, so the mirena is good as it will sit on top of them giving them progesterone and they will shrink back. This is much healthier for you and convenient as you shouldn't bleed. And on that note, to FINALLY answer your question (sorry!), the bleeding might go on 3 months if the fibroids are big and the bleeding has been dreadful, however most women in my experience settle down much sooner than that and have just a smudgy show/discharge (panty liner type flow) or nothing at all from about 1-2 months.
As GPs we do not like irregular bleeding on HRT and will get a bit jumpy. The biopsies are reassuring but you still need to talk to your GP if this bothersome bleeding continues.
Check out the Bayer mirena website: for more info and patient stories. Good luck, Good health!
Becky Foljambe

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