Toilet refusing/withholding (special needs)

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by sarah74sarah on Thu Apr 22, 2021 8:54 pm

Toilet refusing/withholding (special needs)

I have a daughter who has refused to use the toilet for no2s since age 5/6. She is now 12. She withholds, and as a result only defecates every 2-3 weeks into pullups. Its rarely solid or formed. She has autism, pda, anxiety, sensory needs, ehlers danlos syndrome, and food intolerances including most fruit and dairy. The initial refusal was due to trauma from constipation, but it became a habit to wear a pullup and withhold. She doesn't like the feel/sensation of going.
She keeps being refused CAMHS help (they think shes attention seeking), her bowel nurse just doesn't know what to do, specialists keep passing her from pillar to post, and we are no further forward.
This cannot go on - but how do we get answers??