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erectile dysfunction

Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2021 4:21 pm
by Guest Posts
I am experiencing for the first time ever erection problems after having surgery … its very worrying and difficult as I am not that old and have also recently become single. It is really important to be to try and sort this aspect out – please can you advise what is the best thing to do – should I go back and speak to my consultant or just take viagra in the first instance and would that do any harm?

Re: erectile dysfunction

Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2021 9:41 pm
Absolutely speak to your Consultant and/or Clinical Nurse Specialist. They will know your medical history as to whether there is a reason (contraindication) as to why you may not be able to try Viagra (also known as sildenafil). If you are referring to having had a radical prostatectomy, early after surgery and under medical supervision it is advised to start daily 5mg tadalafil (Cialis). If this is not effective an additional 20 mg tadalafil can be added before sexual activity to try and improve outcome. As you have mentioned you are single, self pleasure/masturbation or whatever word you feel comfortable with is important as tablets require sexual stimulation to be effective. If tablets are not effective there is Vitaros a cream, MUSE pellets, injections such as Viridal Duo, Caverject Dual Chamber and Invicorp. Alongside drugs the use of a vacuum constriction device (VCD) also known as a penile pump is really helpful. The pump can be used for helping to maintain penile length. With the constriction band supplied with the pump, an erection can be obtained and maintained for sexual activity. As prostate cancer is on the list of illnesses that allow men to get treatments on the NHS (Schedule 2 guidelines for prescribing for erectile dysfunction) your GP maybe able to prescribe these, I write maybe as it has become a geographical postcode lottery! What is also important to highlight the 'worrying' aspect you have written can affect your psychological self so being able to talk about how you feel is important. Combining drug treatments with sex therapy can help to optimise a positive outcome. It can help gain confidence, adjust to change and weaving in how treatments can be used can give greater satisfaction. Have fun exploring, there's lots to think about.