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Posted: Tue Aug 10, 2021 10:18 am
by Guest Posts
Hello, I wanted to know how effective PRP Platelet Rich Plasma injections are from a medical point of view, rather than the hair clinic trying to sell the procedure. In 2015 I had hair replacement surgery but the loss continues. I had a blood test but my doctor just said to take vitamin D, although he wanted to prescribe me a very high dosage but I chose to go for the highest dose I could find on the shelf rather than pay for prescriptions forever, he also said to stop taking iron supplements as I had high levels of iron and he said to keep an eye on prolactin levels, although I'm unsure how to do that and it was unclear without more blood tests which are quite hard to get at my local surgery.

I look forward to your recommendations.

Re: Treatment

Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2021 12:01 pm
by Dr Anton Alexandroff
Thank you for your question. Most studies showed PRP works if there are more than 3 treatments, here is an article:

Prolactin blood test can be done by your GP.

I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards,

Dr Anton Alexandroff