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Skin Cancer

Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2021 1:08 pm
by hazeld15
My OH had skin cancer on his nose a few years ago which was operated on. He was told it wasn't a 'serious' cancer and would probably do him no harm but it seems to have come back on the other side of his nose now. Is this anything to worry about? Someone said it was called a 'Rodent Ulcer'. Not sure what, if anything, he needs to do.

Re: Skin Cancer

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 1:25 pm
by Julie Van Onselen
Dear Hazel
Thank you for your post. A rodent ulcer is a lay term for a basal cell carcinoma (BCC). This is a very common localised skin cancer - it does not spread not the body. However, BCCs can be locally destructive. I would advise your OH contacts their GP and asks for an assessment and gets a diagnosis, BCCs can recur and if you have had one you are more likely to get another. However, there are other lesions, related to sun damage which are not cancer. I would also advise the use of sun screens every day and hats, so your OHs face is protected from the sun.

Re: Skin Cancer

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 6:18 pm
by Vanessa Jane Davies

I concur that a high factor SPF applied daily through out the year to the already damaged skin is essential.

Once OH has been in touch with the GP for some people, a practical skin camouflage assessment with tuition and support can be very helpful.

If the appearance/colour of the scar is of concern then it would be worth while considering but only once all medical treatments have finished. Certainly in my experience this is often a great help when someone is living with or are recovering from skin cancer.

I would also recommend a great charity called Melanoma UK for up to date information and support.

All the best