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by Guest Posts on Mon Oct 25, 2021 3:44 pm



I have been having all sorts of issues with diarrhoea over months, resulting in many tests but with no real results as yet. I take buscopan 8 times a day, on doctors orders, after three months of tests but with no other treatment at all.

Just in the last week or so, this has progressed to my not being able to hold in urine once the initial feeling hits of “wanting to go”. As you can imagine, it impacts the stress of going out and not being near a bathroom. The very worst of this issue is actually waking at night, often numerous times, feeling the pressure but not making the bathroom in time. And, of course, it is a real problem just now as I travel to the hospital for colonoscopies, endoscopy, blood tests, stools etc.

This has never been an issue before. I am now impacted by both bowel and urinary problems. I asked my doctor if this could be an overall infection but did not get a satisfactory answer.

I have private medical insurance and want to move from the NHS to private treatment following surmounting issues building up with tests but no treatment, lost test results, no real trust level with my new doctor etc. I have kept all of my test results to date but so overwhelmed now that I don’t know where to start. I would like your advice and to know if, like anti diarrhoea tablets, there is anything I can take to reduce urine as I travel to be seen by a specialist or, better still, if I can just do the old fashioned thing of just going into hospital and having multiple tests together without travel and the stress that this involves. Due to stress and not eating very much over months, I am very weak. This urine issue has now pushed me over the edge.

Thank you so much.

Age 66
General health: suffered CFS/ME following malaria but was getting back to normal prior to these overall bowel/urine issues.
Only ongoing issue is anxiety. Only child, don’t have family left.
Always sporty and active, now housebound and don’t bother getting out of bed sometimes. I am not depressed.
Never had health problems in the past and keep up with all general female check ups: mammograms etc as there is a history of cancer (stomach) in the family.

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by Professor Marcus Drake on Mon Oct 25, 2021 8:54 pm

Re: Urgency

The diarrhoea is very challenging, and the mechanism of that could be relevant for the bladder; inflammation in the bowel can strongly increase the sensation in the bladder. This could give some effects on urine samples that could be hard to interpret, hence confusing the diagnosis of urine infection. Resolution of the diarrhoea would be needed to help the bladder. There are drugs (antimuscarinics and beta-3 agonist) that can reduce bladder sensation, but your bowel doctor may need to know if you start these because they can also affect the gut

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