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Campaign To Protect Children From Smoking In Cars

Postby talkhealth on Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:47 am

A Welsh Government campaign to protect children from the harmful effect of second hand smoke in cars began on Monday 6 February.

The "Fresh Start Wales" campaign calls on parents and other carers to pledge to keep their cars smoke free, and thereby protect their children from the health risks associated with second hand smoke in a confined space. The first phase of advertising will feature on local radio, billboards, bus-backs and bus shelters as well as a dedicated website, www.freshstartwales.co.uk

The Health Behaviour in School Aged Children survey suggests that around 20 per cent of 11-16 year old school children in Wales report being exposed to smoke the last time they travelled in a car.

Launching the campaign, the Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Dr Tony Jewell, said: "Children are particularly at risk from second-hand smoke, especially in vehicles where a confined space means there is no respite from the harm of the toxic chemicals in cigarettes. Exposure to these chemicals puts children at risk from a range of conditions, including sudden infant death syndrome and asthma.

Read more about this campaign here http://www.health4media.com/uk/pressrel ... 1d8a74ac3d
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