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How long until going back to normal?

Postby viprit77 on Thu Feb 28, 2019 12:37 pm

Before moving to Argentina I had no issues breathing. Then I move there, first off, I work out every day; both weights and running. However, in Argentina I quit running, and I also picked up smoking (while drinking, eating, and surrounded by smokers it’s pretty hard for a former smoker not to). tech news free netflix android 9
Anyway, I have a month and a half without smoking and I just moved back to the US, to Denver.

I am running every day and lifting weights, this whole time. Picking running back up wasn’t hard, but breathing is.

My asthma is worst than ever, specially when I run. I am coughing SO MUCH shit out of my lungs.

I am aware my lungs will take awhile to get back to what they were before I left to work in Argentina, but does anyone know how long? (Asking because I want to run a marathon)

My doctor prescribed me Dulera and basically said “good luck!”
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