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Side effects of all asthma medications

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:00 am
by butterfly0591
Okay i dont know about you but nomatter wich asthma med. i choose i am experiencing serious side effects such as pain in my bones fatigue tiredness without being tired and major depression memory loss extreme apathy and yeah the list goes on..
I know its because of that shit cause i didnt felt like that before. I was a fresh boy with tons of energy.
Now im rotten and ugly and the only thing i am waiting for is to get this shit out of my system
so i can go back live my life.. Cause it has literally been destroyed after using these medication.
My asthma symptoms weren't that bad but after i used all that crap it got worse!
And i am going around with this feeling that im sick really sick.
I even got micropsychosis of this shit..
I dont know how you guys are surviving this?!