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Cancer risk?

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2022 10:57 pm
by susanmarywalker
I have biopsy proven lichen sclerosis. It took a long time to get my awful itchiness diagnosed. For about 5 years my doctor has been prescribing Dermovate and Elocon creams. I used to have regular checkups with a dermatologist before Covid, but I was due one that was cancelled just as the first lockdown began. I have not been seen since.
I try to use the Elocon cream only once a day, and only use Dermovate when there is a flare up. The specialist said be careful not to use them too much.
I remember the dermatologist saying that I a need regular checkups as it can cause cancer. How would I know if this is happening?
I would appreciate some advice on self help. What soap to use, how often to wash, whether bath or shower is better, whether washing too often is bad. I notice that tight jeans seem to cause a flare up.is cotton underwear best? How can I make intimate sex more comfortable? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Cancer risk?

Posted: Wed Feb 16, 2022 7:02 pm
by Dr Karen Gibbon
I think it is more logical to just use dermovate to treat your LS. You should not need to use Elocon on a daily basis for maintenance. If you are under control then you can usually cut down your dermovate to twice/week. It is important to use a soap free emollient cream which is both a cleanser and emollient. There are many on the market. Avoid any fragranced products. Avoid prolonged soaking in the bath or try protecting the skin with an ointment based emollient whilst you relax. It can the be washed off the skin when you're ready to get out. Tight clothing, thongs, panty liners and wet wipe type products can also flare your LS. Cancer can occur with LS but is rare (less than 3-5% of women). It presents as a tender hard or bleeding area which generally tends to grow quite quickly over weeks/months rather than years. If intercourse is painful then changing position may help and using a gentle fragrance free lubricant generally helps.