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by Guest Posts on Mon Mar 07, 2022 11:26 am


Last June was due to go on holiday to north wales and see my elderly father also who lives nearby, to find some small amount of blood in my urine 3 days prior, so rang surgery who who told me do "sample" for them to send off to lab at Warwick Hospital and await results, and by 2 hours later that morning had cleared up.

Day before spoke to another doctor who said she give me 4 days strong antibiotics to take with me and to go away, and phoned up for my results which doctor said I had been given correct tablets and when home would be referral letter to go to gynae department even though no more symptoms, so I did on for lady gynae doctor when in the compromising position to say she wanted to do a "biopsy" when I said few of my friends my age - 64 - had had this and been given hormone type suppositories as its an age thing the lining of the womb can also get bit thinner as you get older etc. so I asked could I have a smear test as coming to the age when it stops anyway, she ignored my request and started on this "biopsy".

My husband was sitting behind curtains and so when she removed this device I screamed out in agony as she had me at wrong angle slightly sitting up, and so was bruised internally after coming home was on paracetamols and fainting feeling weak for 3 weeks but after getting up to put on my clothing, I collapsed onto the floor and the crash team of 4 nurses came, put me on trolley and wheeled me into side room, took blood pressure and diabetic finger prick test twice as I have both high blood pressure and am diabetic.

Then after 45 minutes a nurse pushed me in wheelchair to our car in car park as my husband had had pacemaker fitted in lockdown.

A gynae doctor came to find me to say "she had not taken enough on sample" and that it needed to be done again. I came home to speak to my own doctor who said then I would need to be put out and done under anaesthetic. In the meantime I received a follow up letter with to go and discuss further with this doctor but I rang to say please put me with another, and had virtual over the phone conversation who said as no further issues then I would be discharged and I have had no other blood in urine, no pain during any intercourse etc.

So I was told by my doctor to take the matter to PALS complaints department at Warwick hospital and few months later her report came back sent to my email - and I have kept all paperwork - which she had dated December 2021 and it was indeed July the actual consultant, and wrong information all presume to keep her in her job. My doctor said I would have had a case for solicitor but was told I would have got £1,000 so thought is it worth the hastle.

Was this then a normal procedure to have to have a "biopsy" done as my doctor told me that they were doing this to find out any cancer of the womb, not the cervix as that's what a smear is done for.

Kind regards, know its a personal story but one that was very upsetting to me at the time. (Fiona)
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Dr Naomi Sutton
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by Dr Naomi Sutton on Tue Mar 08, 2022 8:06 pm

Re: Biopsy

Dear Fiona,
Biopsies can be taken from the cervix or from the endometrium (lining of the womb), so without knowing the full case I am afraid I can't really comment.
What I will say is that I am so sorry that you had a poor experience.

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