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by Guest Posts on Mon Mar 07, 2022 11:27 am


This may be out of the scope for this clinic but I have anorgasmia which has become worse the older I’ve got. I don’t know who can help me with this or how to broach it with my GP-couples therapy is out of the question. What can be done to help me? (Rebekah)
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Dr Naomi Sutton
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by Dr Naomi Sutton on Mon Mar 07, 2022 7:49 pm

Re: Anorgasmia

Without knowing your age, full medical history and medication it is difficult to give specific advice but, it may well be that you have a medical condition which is interfering with the nerve or blood supply to the clitoris. An example of this may be diabetes or cardiovascular disease but the list is long. It may be that you are taking a medication which may be reducing your ability to climax, examples include SSRI's, antipsychotics, beta blockers, and opiates.
Another important factor to consider is whether it is necessary to orgasm to enjoy intimacy? For a lot of women sex can be fulfilling and enjoyable without climax. Intimacy can be achieved in lots of ways such as enjoying different types of touch or massage. Putting too much pressure on the climax can ruin the whole experience and stop enjoyment of the rest of the event!!!
If orgasm is very important to you, as well as looking at your general health and medication, I would advise experimenting with toys. A lot of women will need extra stimulation to orgasm as they get older and a clitoral sucker toy (such as the womaniser) can do the trick. Trying a vibrator with high settings may help but it would be important to experiment with what kind of touch and simulation you like.
'Love honey' is a good site to have a look at and they offer sex toy advice.
I would find a GP who you feel comfortable talking to and start there. Just be as honest as you can when you are explaining the problem. It can be difficult to find people who have an interest in this field but keep persevering if this is important to you. You may be able to be referred to psychosexual medicine clinic if that is available in your area. Often these clinics are private but there are some NHS services.
Good luck

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