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Back pain

Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2022 9:33 am
by Guest Posts
I get severe back pain when on my period, it’s so uncomfortable that I find it hard to get to sleep. What do you recommend? (Lucy)

Re: Back pain

Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2022 9:52 am
by Dr Sarah Gilchrist
Hi Lucy

I'm sorry to hear you suffer with back pain with your period. Hopefully some of the strategies below may help.

Light exercise e.g. yoga, Pilates, stretching.

Comfortable sleep system (bed, pillow mattress, bed linin, sleep wear). Use multiple pillows to read if you prefer, but only one to fall asleep with in order to ensure your back and neck are in alignment.
Change your mattress ideally every 10 years and endure its comfortable to suit you e.g. not too hard/soft.

Hot water bottle.

Assess your sanitary products in case they are causing undue pain e.g. are tampons causing back ache? Could you instead period pants, a cup, sanitary pads etc.

Seek medical advice for back pain to check there is no other reason for the pain, possibly get a physiotherapist to assess you too.
Seek medical advice for pain management during this phase of the month.