Legs and Feet burning hot

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by Guest Posts on Sat Sep 09, 2023 3:58 pm

Legs and Feet burning hot

Dear talk health - I am not sure if this is a specific skin condition?

I am 65 years old..female..I have hypothyroidism...I take levothyroxine...

Over past 15 years when I go to sleep at night my skin gets unbearably hot and my legs and feet feel like they are burning up from the Inside out..

I have also suffered with chilblains on a regular basis in the colder weather for months on end ..
up to 6 months sometimes and I generally feel cold much more often than feeling warm even in summer ..

I feel like I have very bad circulation .. what would be causing this ?

Many thanks

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Dr Penelope Pratsou
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by Dr Penelope Pratsou on Fri Sep 22, 2023 7:24 pm

Re: Legs and Feet burning hot

Dear Jane,

Many thanks for your question. There can be a number of causes for a hot or burning sensation of the legs when in bed at night, for example some circulatory issues such as arterial stenosis can lead to calf pain and venous insufficiency can sometimes cause a hot and burning sensation. Some peripheral nerve issues can also cause altered sensation. It may be none of the above at all, but it might be worth discussing this with your GP, if anything to put your mind at rest.

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