Diet control

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by Alessandro01 on Thu Oct 15, 2020 3:02 am

Re: Diet control

Eating everything in moderation but with lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. That should be your basis. At least half of your food should come from those sources.

Drink at least 1.5l of water a day, preferably spread out in the day and before meals if you can. After meals wait at least 1,5 to two hours, in order to let your stomach do all the work. You can drink a few cups of coffee, thee or infusions on top of that as well. There are some good organic herbal infusions for sale nowadays. With ginger for instance, which will burn a little fat as well. Don’t drink too much either, you will need more on hot days of course. But generally more than 3 liters in total is no longer healthy, due to loss of electrolytes.

Limiting red meat to once or twice a week. And at least one veggie day as well. One day of fatty fish a week also. If you cook, don’t use too much fat of any kind! Including olive oil (but still preferable).

Limiting your intake of carbs to one meal a day. E.g. if you’ve already had (more than a few slices of) bread you don’t need much potatoes, rice or pasta that day anymore (and vice versa). Unless you do a lot of exercise of course!
Mix this up as well and eat as much whole grains if you do so.

Changing it up as much as you can if you’re going to eat out. I find most Asian cuisines to be more beneficial for your health. Especially Thai and Japanese. But everything spicy is good for weight-loss as well if you like that.
No take-away if possible!

Drinking alcohol in moderation and reducing fast food and snacks to once a week at most.
Sugary drinks are only useful before or after a hard work-out. Usually one can of coke is more than enough. If you don’t do much exercise stay away from sugary drinks all together! You don’t need any ‘light’ drinks either by the way.
A good glass of red wine once in a while is beneficial for your health, but limit it to one a day max and at least 2 days without any drop.

Don’t skip any meals, certainly not breakfast (if your American cut back on the bacon though…). Eat a piece of fruit or another healthy snack in between. As few ‘processed foods’ as possible: Power bars are not that healthy and should be restricted to the gym as well!
Depending on your exercise regime, your working schedule and what you already ate that day, dinner should be very low on calories. With a traditional lifestyle, you don’t need much food in the evening anymore. Eat at least 3 hours before you’re going to sleep as well. Try and get at least six hours of sleep a night and preferably more once in a while.

I realize this is more of a change in lifestyle than a simple diet. And if this way of living is far from what you’re used to, try and implement it gradually over a few months. You can start by cutting back on the red meat and introducing more fruits and vegetables and then try to adapt a few of the other changes every week.

If you live like this don’t expect more than a 30 pound weight loss a year, but it’s the healthiest and most sustainable way. You can lose more if you start exercising: you can begin by walking every distance under 2 miles and taking the stairs as much as possible. (if you’re not already exercising of course)

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by MissCandyGirl on Wed Oct 21, 2020 9:39 am

Re: Diet control

Brilliant advice. Thank you for sharing.

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