The Best meditation practice that works well for weight loss

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nadira chad
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by nadira chad on Mon Nov 12, 2018 10:12 am

The Best meditation practice that works well for weight loss

From ancient time meditation was a religious spiritual part, but now a day it’s become popular as religious spirituality, mental and physical fitness too. While meditating yourself works great and reduces stress, anxiety, as well as frustration it also supports your weight loss.

People getting various types of meditation practice which is popular such as:

1. Zen-Meditation technique
2. Transcendental meditation
3. Mindfulness meditation
4. Spiritual meditation
5. Mantra meditation.
6. Focused meditation
7. Movement meditation

Transcendent meditation got popular though the world and its proven scientifically. Zen-meditation also becomes popular, especially in the east and west also.

Zen Meditation yoga practice can be the best meditation technique. Zen meditation technique is very easy to learn and adapt which gives you lifetime benefit for weight loss. Zen Meditation is the heart of Zen Buddhist experience. Having Zen meditation, your correct posture is vital though it's easy and effortless technique while sitting in a comfortable position with open eyes. Zen yoga meditation allows your active mind that easily settles inward.

While understanding the concept of Zen meditation, there have tremendous health benefits for fitness such as:

while Zen meditation and yoga its help you to weight loss.
Zen meditation allows your active mind that easily settle inward.
Zen meditation focusing instead on others happiness
Create long-lasting happiness
Really it a spiritual dimension
Zen trains the mind to achieve calmness.
Lower blood pressure.
Reduce anxiety and stress
Improve immune system
More restorative sleep
Improve your breathing power,
Body, mind, and soul become closer.
The whole body becomes more flexible.
Enhance muscle strength.
The body becomes more balance

While starting take a few deep breaths and feel comfortable, close your hands that fist your thumbs inside your finger, get back of your hand on your knee and then balance your body from left to right three or four times. If you do practice regularly your body and mind will be more fit then ever do.
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by harrycharming on Fri Jun 28, 2019 2:35 pm

Re: The Best meditation practice that works well for weight

Yoga can be an effective tool to help people lose weight. It is really helpful to me to reduce anxiety and stress and I reduced 2 lbs weight in just 2 months.

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