health anxiety

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by heyitscagla on Thu May 21, 2020 11:54 am

health anxiety

oh hey there,
um i've been feeling unwell lately. like something is eating me slowly. first, it started with jaw pain. i was unable to use it easily and fully. then neck, shoulder and back pain followed. i was unable to sleep easily at night because of my worries. it got harder and harder each night. now im sitting here, thinking about what is happening to me. i guess i need help but during this covid-19 times, i'm concerned that no doctor would care about my worries. last week i took my mom to the MRI. she has claustrophobia, it was a real stress for me. i was in the same room with her.i had to support her and let her know that i'm right by her side during that. i heard all the noises and saw the fear in her eyes. i don't know if it started with that but, since then i don't feel very well to be honest. i'm 18 years old and i don't know what is happening to my body. i was going to write a letter today, to let my lover and my mother know that i feel like i don't have much time left and if something happens to me make sure that i lived a good life. i'm not sure if someone's going to see this or take this seriously but if you guys do, please give me an advice y'all. thank you.