Don't judge, I just don't think I'm all quite there

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by isbjorner on Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:35 am

Don't judge, I just don't think I'm all quite there

I'm not sure though. I feel like this is one of those things that you need to get told by society. After all, psychopaths are connected to the outer world, just in a different way. That makes them who they are.

It might be teenage angst but I have people-watched enough and I don't think it's the usual form of angst. My peers have different patterns.

I'm emotional, but when it has something to do with me. I don't find myself caring about others, not even my fam.

I might have tortured animals when I was younger. I held back from stabbing a dog to death recently. I feel no remorse when I lie or manipulate others. I constantly manipulate my parents to get what I want.

My best friend, who I'm pretty sure is the only person that slightly understands me, could be a sociopath. I feel like I can only ever get along with people similar to myself.

People have commented that I'm very antisocial, which I firmly believe. Hate social/family gatherings. Hate going to school. Hate small talk. But ironically enough, I like parties. Idk lol. I love risky behavior. Loud, fast parties, hooking up, exploring abandoned buildings at night, drinking, drugs, smoking, etc.

I never let go of people who were once in my life. Exes, old friends, etc. You really cannot get rid of me

I've had multiple school shooting fantasies.

Lastly, it feels a tad bit shocking to go out and say it but I enjoy hurting people in some situations. Not all. While I would never hurt someone's pet or little sibling I'd do something subtle but powerful to make them feel the ache from deep within. Hitting at the lowest points of their ego, breaking hearts, physical fighting, etc. Making people cry is really numbing although I rarely do it.

That's it from me. Bug out