DIY Homemade crystals soothing activity

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DIY Homemade crystals soothing activity

Sup y'all! Just read this instructional on how to make crystals this morning perfect for a easy way to get some cool decorations, simple enough all the gear required is found around the house. If not it's super cheap to find, all you need is the following. It's a perfect some awesome cheap crystals and a good soothing tactic / therapy activity.

Some coins (5-10), 1 straw, 1 jar / cup, some bleach, some ammonia (found in things like bathroom cleaners), baking soda, and salt.

Step 1: put 2 tablespoons of salt and 1 tablespoon of baking soda into the jar

Step 2: Pour the ammonia 2/3 the way full into the jar

Step 3: Pour bleach the rest of the way up

Step 4: Put the coins into the jar

Step 5: Grab your straw quickly and start to blow directly onto the coins

Step 6: profit!

You should see the crystals start to form up after about a minute or so of blowing, if you stop however the crystals stop forming. It'll take about 10 mins to actually get decent results.

Use food dyes for different colours, it'll come out with a glass like finish which is good to sand down and polish, or just keep a cool crystal. The inside is hard as rock but the outside is a bit more brittle.