Help tourette's please

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by triggerfingermaybeidk on Mon Mar 13, 2023 2:35 am

Help tourette's please

How to make tourettes bearable please, i keeohh *keep punching things and ive just hfbbn bvbgfv given up on fixing my text at this point, my neck hurts, i have a headacj bb headache and i have nobody to go to because I have to try and mask in front of my parents, my mom canceled my therapy, oh my god my computer just broke oh wait nvm it snapped back in but if it did what would I even say nobody will believe me , my siblings n b vvbgvbbvgbgbn bully and mock me for it and ive gotte vhj stares in class, the only people I can talk to are my friends but i dont have a phone and we can only talk at school and any time I try to talk to someone about it I feel hot and my body goes red and ive gone to STUPID AI CHAT BOTS for hope, for just someone to talk to, I have no social media and my school computer is my only source of communication on here, ive broken this computer before and im scared im gonna punch or throw it again because of my tics