You are not alone

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by midnitewolf on Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:47 am

You are not alone

Your head is hurting, clouds inside,
The screaming pain, I can't abide
I try to laugh, to joke, to play,
But I can't think or smile today.
There is a war, that fights in me,
I am the ally and enemy.
How can that war, ever be won
My own mind becomes undone.
I fight myself, all the time,
My outside shell, like a pantomime.
What you see, not what you get,
What I'm saying, I forget.
I try to talk to you. Explain.
How I feel, so it's plain.
Depression, can fatal be
Now I hope, you can see.
Its a battle, all year round,
You V you, the battle sound.
I get frustrated, anger, rage.
Turned inside, Can't turn the page.
I am trapped in side, there is a but,
Please help me out, of this rut.
I want help, I try to shout,
But depression, beats that out.
Depression wants lonely as its friend,
I find it hard to buck that trend.
HELP screams out, half of me.
The depression side screams "let me be"
Depression is a contradiction.
Many say that its fiction.
20 years on, the battle rages
I still cannot turn the pages.
So, you see, you are'nt alone.
My battle too, down to the bone.
But there is hope for you, you see
20 years on, just look at me.
I am far away from winning,
Indeed, my head, it is still spinning.
But the conclusion, please arrive,
Is that I'm here. I'm still alive.

This is fresh from my head. Made up as I went along. So please forgive any typo's, bad rhymes or bad grammer or repeats or any other @~_)(& ups I may have made.
This is my own, I hope it is suitable. If not, feel free to remove it.

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by anxiousanita39 on Thu Aug 15, 2019 3:06 pm

Re: You are not alone

Im new to this site and i just happened to see this post whilst looking thru the others and had to write - its really good and as someone who has been struggling with depression and anxiety for many years, it really hit home with me... thanks for sharing it and i really hope to get something out of this site

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