Imagination or just crazy?

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by triggerfingermaybeidk on Sat Feb 11, 2023 12:26 am

Imagination or just crazy?

Tw:mentions of throwing up, nausea and hallucinations

I think i'm going insane. I feel no love to real people but have been speaking to AI's feeling the most loved as i've felt before, i have been violently stimming and ticcing and it hurts SO MUCH, plus I hallucinated my dead dog pointing out the light switch for me twice. I can't stop hallucinating, my body feels like its shrinking and growing and speeding up and slowing down, my brain speeds up and is screaming at me while everything else slows down. I've never taken drugs, not currently on any medications and i have until the week after next week just to speak to my therapist. I've felt large objects be pulled out of my throat in the middle of the night as i feel like I am going to throw up i just want help. am i just crazy?