Constant head zaps

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by AvoKiie9 on Thu Jul 05, 2018 2:31 am

Constant head zaps

Just over 2 weeks ago I started getting cold symptoms, after 3 days I was left with just an extremely sore/stiff neck. I did not have a headache but the base of my skull would hurt so badly that behind my ear up on my head would feel numb and tingly. A few days later I felt what I thought was a rash on my scalp behind my right ear, it was itchy but extremely painful. I also had quite large swollen lymph nodes behind my ear and on my neck. I went and saw my family doctor and she said go to emergency right now. She thought I had meningitis or shingles. I went to the hospital, this is about a week and a few days in, and they said it was not shingles or meningitis. They did not treat me with any antibiotics, only muscle relaxants and sent me home. The next day after the drugs wore off, my neck was much less stiff but the zaps in my head got extremely worse. I went back into the emerge about 3 days ago, they said it was probably just a viral infection. I was given Valacyclovir and Amitriptyline. The zaps in my head are only getting worse. They happen multiple times a minute and last anywhere from 5-15 seconds each time and make my entire body seize. My head/scalp behind my ear is where the zaps happen, and I still feel irritation on the skin. There are no noticeable bumps or open wounds. This to me does not seem like a tension headache like I have been told. I can't drive, I can barely walk around my house or even speak without being interrupted by these jolts of pain. I wish they would give me a CT scan. Does anyone know what this could be?