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by jacs645 on Fri Jan 06, 2012 4:33 pm

Why is it virtually impossible to get a doctor to prescribe T3?

Why is it virtually impossible to get a doctore to prescribe T3?
There are many of us suffering from an underactive thyroid for whom T4 alone does not work effectively. After suffering for many years and seeing a number of endocrinologists without success, undertaking my own research is leading me to believe that T3 alongside T4 will make a difference, but this is not recognised by my GP
Why? How does one achieve successful treatment on the NHS when all the doctors and specialists I have seen have never mentioned this to me?
What can be done to correct this?

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by hypodi on Fri Jan 20, 2012 3:23 pm

t3 and underactive thyroid

I was on t4 for years then got fibromyalgia, t3 helps but not enough, why does no one test adrinels and other alternatives.
Drs no use had to insist on referal, endo is not much better to be honest, where can go to get this sorted.

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by ljp67 on Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:19 am

Re: t3 and underactive thyroid

I'm also really keen to hear more about T3 levels...what is the 'normal' range?

I am on a combination of T3 & T4 and would like to adjust my dose to be more in favour of T3 replacement.

T3 is 75 and T4 is 10 mcg, I'm aware that T3 is more potent.

I feel much better for the addition of the T3 but still suffer terribly from a heavy tiredness and my thought process can be very sluggish. Would an adjustment in favour of T3 be beneficial?



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by Tillytan on Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:34 am

Re: t3 and underactive thyroid

You seem to have suffered like many of us have on T4, and other types of wrong treatment, and in turn had some nasty remarks thrown at me by some Doctors.
I like you turned to taking T3 with some kindly help and advise. I stopped taking T4, but due to tests my GP did which only include TSH and FREE T4 and not FREE T3. GP's are not allowed to test for FREE T3 so being on T3, the tests by GP is allowed to do are a waste.My GP however wanted me back on T4 as well at 50mcg, but on taking T4 at 25mcg up goes my BP. My BP does not need to be raised further which in turn is harmful for ones heart and kidneys. I only took the T4 for two days and tried it out twice.
I have now established that T4 raises BP and T3 lowers BP, and mine needs to be lowered.

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by Kiwi on Wed Jan 25, 2012 2:25 pm

Starting T4/T3 combo, help needed

Hello, I am a hypothyroid patient who has been on 200mcg T4 and is about to change to 150mcg T4 with 20mcg T3 (split into 2 doses taken apart).

Is 20mcg a good starting dose? Someone I mentioned it to suggested starting it at 10mcg for a few days? a week? to see if my body tolerated it. Then up it to 20mcg. What do you think?

I've also been told I can take T3 with food. Is there anything that does affect the absorption of T3? Calcium? I'm thinking of taking the first dose with my morning museli (with milk) and coffee.

How do you optimise T4/T3 treatment? If it makes me feel a bit better or doesn't make me feel any better, or even makes me feel worse, what would you suggest? Do you increase T4 back to 200mcg with 20mcg T3? Do you stick with 150mcg T4 and increase T3 to 30mcg? I did not get any information about a treatment plan for me.

I have also been diagnosed as PCOS and have started taking Metformin. I am experiencing a common side effect, diaorrhea. Do over the counter remedies affect the absorption of T3? I'm hoping it will settle down. My best idea at the moment is to take the T3 first dose in the morning, second in afternoon, Metformin at dinner then I have my T4 four hours later at night when I really hope my stomach will have stopped gurgling around. Any advice appreciated.

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by Moggie on Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:26 pm


Please can your experts tell us why we find it so difficult to get T3 off of our doctors and if they think it really does work. Also would they advise splitting the T3 dose throughout the day and why.

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by Emmandi on Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:16 pm

Re: T3

I'm on both T4/T3 and this combined dosage has given me back my memory and mental energy. I now have the ability to read books - this may sound simple but as an academic and an educator this is essential to my self-esteem. My GP has made it clear they are not happy about my taking T3 ("we don't do that here") even though an NHS endocrinologist has prescribed it from a clinic I was sent to by my GP.....
So I was wondering, are there cost implications or something? Is T3 more expensive?

And after 12 years of losing my health and my mind (essentially costing me all of my thirties and the latter part of my twenties), the question that keeps me awake at might is what happens if my Endocrinologist moves on? Do I lose access to this treatment without the medical care of this specific endocrinologist? finally underlying all of this, how much care is given to treating the impact of the illness as a long term condition?

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