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I am a thyroid patient who has struggled all my life to be taken seriously with an illness that has robbed me of a decent quality of life. I would like the experts on here to tell me what research is being undertaken on patients such as myself? For years I have felt totally alone and now it strikes me that there are thousands of people struggling with serious and significant health issues due to a thyroid condition - a condition that, to date, has been largely ignored by the medical profession.

So come on, you've put this forum together supposedly for people such as myself - what can we expect from you now and what research is being undertaken in the UK for patients such as me?

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Re: Research

See below the programme of last year's BTA annual meeting, which gives a flavour of some of the research on thyroid disease that is undertaken in the UK.


The Royal College of Pathologists
2 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AF

Wednesday 30th November, 2011

The Workshops are designed to be interactive sessions.
For Workshops 1 and 2, attendees are encouraged to bring data +/- questions for presentation
and complete the registration form accordingly.

Registration and coffee 13:30-14.00

Workshop 1 14.00-15.00
Genome-wide analyses, newest techniques
for in-depth sequencing
Dr Matthew Simmonds (Oxford)
Questions and data presentation by young scientists

Chair: Dr M Ludgate

Workshop 2 15.00- 16.00
MicroRNA genomics: function and evolution
Dr Antonio Marco (Manchester)
Questions and data presentation by young scientists

Chair: Professor G Williams

Tea break 16.00-16.20

Workshop 3 16.20-17.20
Murine models of thyroid cancer
Dr. Martin Read (Birmingham)

Chair: Professor J-P Banga

Close 17.20
Dr Petros Perros
Consultant Endcorinologist

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