Please answer my question

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by supressedtsh on Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:29 pm

Please answer my question

I have levothyroxine prescribed by my GP and after trying additional T3 that didn't help I am now well after adding a little natural desiccated thyroid medication. My endocrinologist is aware and happy that I take this.

My endocrinologist has asked my GP to prescribe the NDT, my GP says no.

I find this very frustrating that I have found the answer to my ill-health and after much research got to the bottom of why I was not improving but have to purchase the NDT myself.

I know that it is down to each individual GP whether they prescribe NDT to a patient or not. I have a letter from the Dept of Health telling me this.

My question is this:- Why do some NHS GP's prescribe NDT and some do not?

(In my case it cannot be down to cost because T3 is far more expensive which I had prescribed by my GP)

In your answer, please do not tell me that NDT is unreliable because this is NOT the case, please tell me why some GP's prescribe NDT and some do not.

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Dr Petros Perros
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by Dr Petros Perros on Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:13 am

Re: Please answer my question

I am sorry I cannot answer for your GP, you will need to ask him or her. Here are some of the reasons why I don't prescribe thyroid extract.

My personal experience of patients who I have seen and who have been on it is that it is unhelpful. Some feel worse.
The serum FT3 in patients taking thyroid extract is often elevated in the hyperthyroid range
The levels of FT3 fluctuate widely (unlike with levothyroxine and unlike normal people)
I have concerns about the long term effects of high FT3 levels especially with regards to the heart and bones
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