me and my P

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by pags on Tue Nov 08, 2011 6:27 pm

me and my P


I'm new to this forum, but heres my skin story..
Had P when I was just 4yrs old on my chest which cleared and then at some point I had P on my elbows very mild hence why I don't know when I had it or for how long but noticed it flared when I was around 15/16 yrs.
Then when I was 17 I remeber my legs being very dry and itchy I scratched like mad, following few days after my legs turned to P!!
since then it has never really gone :( just got worse!
every steriod cream I used burned my P and made it worse, I had 2 lots of UVB each time skin got worse and appeared in new places, I gave up on doc's for a while moved out of home
after a while it cleared, then at 21 I had to move back home and my skin become bad it was another round of uvb and again soon after things got worse.....turns out the diprobase i had been cling filming into my legs had caused an allergic reaction!!!! so cyclosprin here I come...was on that for almost a year and then put onto MTX which only slowed the P from coming back, last year I stopped the MTX and within a month I was unable to move due to my skin becoming so bad :( :( :( back onto cyclosprin....
I've been off cyclo now for almost 5 weeks and guess what...yup, skin is playing up...again have it new areas from before and it's worse, both my bottom legs are just P with specks of normal skin!!! I am struggling to feel "normal" I don't know if it's normal for skin to react this way and get worse each time??? my only saving grace at the moment is that I'm cutting out most junk food and eating lots of raw fruit and veg and my skin is looking flatter and pinker rather than the usual bright red and thick flaked!!!
I can't help but keep getting my self in a bit of a mental state and stress about wether I have any underlying conditions which could be causing this, I don't know if I've ever been checked for other dieseses that can cause they do routine checks????......I haven't a clue!!
Going back to see my nurse on the 29th............can't wait as starting to give up!!!

thanks for reading

Hanna x