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by John Robinson on Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:39 pm


Hi to all,
I just wanted to reiterate talkhealth's point that this is a collaborative venture between talkhealth, NHS Choices, BTF and Sense About Science with the aim of helping people who have thyroid disorders. Talkhealth and NHS Choices have run similar open clinics on allergies, menopause, skin cancer and sun safety and other topics in the past, which have been well received by all who have taken part.

All experts are giving their time free of charge and out of a desire to help people and deserve respect for doing so. The clinicians involved are eminent, busy people who are fitting in answers during their working day and in their leisure time in the evenings. They have been inundated with questions and are doing their best to answer them so we would please ask you to be patient (no pun intended).

If you are not satisfied with the answer that you have received, disagree with the opinion or have further questions, by all means put your point of view across but we ask that you be respectful when doing so. I hope you can all appreciate that while a forum such as this can help provide answers, it cannot replace a one to one consultation with a clinician who has access to all of your test results and medical history. I'm no Thyroid expert, but some of the cases which involve multiple chronic conditions and a variety of symptoms are clearly incredibly complex.

On the subject of funding and NHS Choices, this joint venture with talkhealth costs NHS Choices nothing apart from my time so there is no question of 'taxpayers money being wasted'. We could choose not to enter into these projects, but we do so because they offer the opportunity to help people and we think they're worthwhile.

I'm happy to answer anyone's questions about NHS Choices involvement in this project. I hope you will all see it for what it is, a genuine attempt to offer some insight to people who are suffering with a thyroid disorder or worry that they or a relative may be.

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