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by starrycaroline on Thu May 03, 2012 4:55 pm

peak flow

how long should it take for my peak flow to be back to how it should be
as i have had a very bad infection and be put on oral staroids and antibiotics and took of my eorthmicin antibiotics
as the doctor said it can withstand the eorthmicin as i have no spleen
and the doctor said not to put up my purple inhaler up as it can go any higher as it on the highst it can be
im just wondoring

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Dr Joanna Lukawska
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by Dr Joanna Lukawska on Thu May 03, 2012 6:18 pm

Re: peak flow

Dear Caroline-Jane

You peak flow can give a relatively good approximation of your asthma control (or how affected/inflammed your breathing tubes are).
However it is only an approximation and should not be entirely relied on. What is important is how you are.
It is quite common for your peak flow to flactuate a little (even in healthy people) and there is a real art to taking a good reading. Always make sure you blow as hard and as fast as you can and get a good seal around the mouthpiece, repaet this 3 times and record the best reading.
Are you able to sleep at night? Do you wake up short of breath? Do you cough a lot? Are you able to exercise (walk up stairs as per normal) without getting too short of breath?
If you are having the above symptoms, in spite of using regular inhaled steroids, it means that for whatever reason (infection, allergy), your asthma is not under good control and needs further assessment and possibly treatment, regardless of the peak flow value.

Hope this helps a little,

Dr Joanna Lukawska
Clinical Research Fellow & Specialist Registrar in Allergy

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