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My late husbands advanced prostrate cancer

Postby Rainbow55 on Fri Apr 06, 2018 4:49 pm

I thought i would write and tell you the journey my husband had.
In 2014 my husband started get pain in groin back and round stomach,after several trips to docs he had a colonoscopy where they removed a very large polyp which was cancerous but all contained in polyp,after scans etc was told all clear,we thought that would be the end of pains but still had same pains in hips back groin,he had a testicle scan abdomen scan and dre,was told all normal,he then had scan of spine nothing found on that this is 2 and half years later,he then had problems urinating,back to docs when they done psa and it was117,biopsies followed and bone scans etc then was told he had advanced prostrate cancer spread to bones,not curable but treatable,he started a course of 10 chemos dec 2016 and he worked all through and psa went to undetectable in june,he was then just having zoladex injections 3 monthly,we went on holiday in september,and he was okay apart from odd pains in legs,november psa had gone back to 100
He was offered chemo or a new tablet,he chose the tablet,the doc said he could start it after xmas and in meantime gave him casodex to take,3 weeks on he starteto get breathless,scan revealed some thing covering both lungs,which was put down to drug induced pnemonitis,he had to then stop work as he couldnt walk without getting out of breath,and was put on steroids and told it should heal his lungs, next scan told it had improved slightly,couple weeks later he had nosebleed that wouldn,t stop we were at hospital next day to get his new tablets and nose still bleeding they done blood test and platlets were really low,sent to a and e for nose to be cauterised,where he then vommited brown gunge,nothing was said about this and we were just sent home,a week later he woke with swollen legs and low temperature,called ambulance,and to cut a long story short he died 5 hours after aged 58,this is horrible disease ,and i never even thought of it being prostrate cancer at the begining,but now it seems you hear about it all the time,which is a good thing,They say the first sign is problems urinating but in my husbands case this came on years later,sorry if this story is a bit long,i just wanted to let men know about the different symptoms,i would not wish this on anyone,
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Re: My late husbands advanced prostrate cancer

Postby cachtribenh on Fri May 31, 2019 5:59 am

I am sorry to hear about your loss. Cancer is frightening... :(
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